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Originally Posted by ulmapache View Post
From SBSO....if you move to LA county, you have to reapply all over again, and will be denied. I think this would be an excellent court case if someone out there had the financial resources to pursue it thru the courts. Just because a person relocates to another area of the state is no cause to deny his/her right to carry. After all, the permit is valid STATEWIDE!
My question was more along the lines of - I live in Glendale and have a LTC from Glendale police (since LASD doesnt even consider your app until you're refused from your local PD and then use that refusal to say they're not gonna give you one). Then I move to West Hollywood... Does that Glendale LTC go away and I need to reapply for a WH permit or, since Im in the same county, does it continue to be good?

Im guessing that the city one goes away - even more of a reason that we need to crack the counties - gives you much more leeway with regards to what geographic location you live/work in.
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