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Terry tells his Sturdy customers that if they have a fire department nearby that they believe will be having a short response, you can skip on the fire liner. I chose to get it anyway since I might move someday and maybe it will be in the boonies where there might not be a quick fire response.

Terry also claims that if you get the fire liner, the safe will be insulated enough that you won't need an electric de-humidifier. Well, I got the fire liner and did not order it drilled for an electric feed. My bad, I use dessicants that get recharged in the oven and I have to recharge them often, I should have gotten the safe drilled and put in an electric unit. I might have also used the electrical to put in lighting, it would add to the gee whiz but I have overhead lighting close by so it's not a real loss.

Get the hole for the electric feed.

My Sturdy was delivered to the garage. Check the FAQ section of Sturdy's web site and don't be shy about asking them any question, they'll answer.

I ordered a number of options but it didn't delay the safe delivery nearly as long as I anticipated. I may have gotten it at a slow time of the year.

I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. I used some safe movers out of Hayward. Two guys came out and were quick, efficient and knew their stuff.
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