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Originally Posted by tony270 View Post
Yes I think they do. Ask the dude that posted a deer in his driveway that arrowed, he posted it one day before archery season opened and ended up claiming it was just a joke. His screen name had something to do with spear fishing or something like that. He had links to gobs of trophy fish he had speared, very impressive. It was such a big deal that he deleted his post, and then the site installed an auto-save feature because I think they couldn't do anything with deleted photos.

Try joking about a lion like that and see what happens.
LOL, Tony, please stop guessing at what happened. As I posted before, the auto save is part of the WYSIWYG script that saves the text you type in the text input window as people type their replies. It's a user selected feature on many forums. That feature has been on the JHO forum for years, it had nothing to do with that guy posting his deer before the season opened. He deleted his post before anyone could save it. Auto save was on when he made his post but that has nothing to do with saving posts so a mod or admin can view them. A person would have to manually right click the post or image to save it. It's also a reason some boards have short windows for you to edit your post. Some clowns like to troll a post, than edit or delete it and claim it never happened. That deer hunter got jumped on pretty quick by members for killing the deer out of season and he was quick enough to delete the pics before anyone could save them. The right people saw the post and from last I heard, they were able to come up with a name and he was investigated. People who think they are anonymous and can hide behind screennames on forums need to realize they are not.

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