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Default Personal Defense Weapons - El Dorado Hills

I saw this store on Google Maps months ago and finally stopped by on Tuesday night. I went into the store and was immediately greeted and was asked if I needed help finding anything. I told him I just happened to see the store on Google Maps and wanted to stop by and check it out. He thanked me for stopping by! They had a subcompact I've been looking at on and off for a few months now, but in a different caliber. Anyways, he let me handle it and even pulled out the full-size model so I could compare the size to the one I already had. He went and checked the price on the one I wanted (a .40S&W instead of the 9mm) and it was the second best price in town, but only $9 more than the other store that is about 30 minutes farther away though. Works for me! Less travel time and therefore less gas too (EDH is the closest "Sacramento" area for me). Anyways, we got everything all set-up and I paid for everything in advance. He called me this morning to tell me that it came in, though, I got a call a little later telling me they had sent him the non-CA compliant version and apologized for any inconvenience it may have caused. He did say that he got a hold of the company though, and the correct one is already on the way and it should be here first thing next week!

So far, my personal opinion of the PDW is an A+. I was welcomed and thanked for coming in the store even just to look around, and my experience has been wonderful so far. The two gentlemen running the store are very friendly as well and are very professional. I recommend taking a peek at them the next time you are in the area!
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