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Upon further reflection...

Something that encouraged me quite a bit during the oral arguments was that it wasn't what I expected.

I didn't expect the seats to be that uncomfortable... as a recovering catholic, I haven't sat in pews for quite a while.
I didn't expect the courthouse to be so beautiful inside! How the heck all that marble survives earthquakes, I have no idea.
I didn't expect the lawyers from the opposition to be quite so out of touch with reality. I was expecting hair-splitting and super fine points... not such general stupidity.
I didn't expect the Judges to be so actively attentive. Call me a pessimist, but I kind of expected them to sort of half-listen to the arguments, like I do when I'm in an all-hands meeting at work. They were very actively engaged, asking good pointed questions, and issuing a handful of smack-downs.
I didn't expect to be able to get to the courthouse from Santa Clara in 50 minutes flat... but getting there early meant being able to get a seat inside.

All in all, a great experience to see history's steps as they are happening.

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