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Originally Posted by wildhawker View Post

Originally Posted by Originally Posted by speedrrracer
In the 3rd audio file, Gura's presentation seems kinda weak. I've never heard him speak before, and he didn't seem to be the master orator I had imagined based on the hype around here. Or maybe he wasn't bringing his A game? Maybe speaking isn't his strong suit? His opponent did the best job of any of the three, as least as long as you accept without questioning what he presents as facts...

I'd respectfully disagree. Gura did more than a fine job of arguing the case and Yolo's attorney literally made up law as he went. If Yolo was the strongest of the three opposition counsel, then...
I appreciate your disagreement very much. I want badly to be wrong! Keep in mind I'm speaking as a person who has absolutely zero idea about all this legal stuff, so it's really surface commentary -- how he came across as a speaker, since his facts are obviously spot on.

Among other things, I was really shocked to hear him say, "Y'know.." three times. Not going to earn a spot on the debate team with that, right?

He brings in results, and that's what matters. I just assumed such a person would be a public speaker out of The Devil and Daniel Webster or something.

Agreed on the Yolo thing, I caught a couple things that made me scratch my head, did some CGN wiki-reading, and was, "..this guy is spewing bull****!"

Why don't the judges call him out on that stuff? Are you allowed to just puke out whatever lies you want during orals without repercussions?

The bottom line is that either the Second Amendment applies outside the home or it doesn't. If it does, then we win and another case(s) will determine the sort of regulations that are permissible.

On the subject of you feel that there's any "tell" from a judges tone, choice of timing on interruptions of counsel, and questions to counsel as to how they lean politically / personally?

If so, did you witness any of that during these orals?
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