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Originally Posted by Regulus View Post
Wow. I think most of us knew the media was biased and had a script they followed to promote their anti-gun agenda, but I had no idea there was a published guide on how to do it.

Don't know how long this has been out, but it's the first time I've seen it.

It was entertaining, yet terribly disturbing to read.

The worst part was looking back on past articles and news stories and realizing the media follows this guide almost word for word.
There is no such guide.

This is just one guy.

I've worked as a reporter and I have many friends in the media still.

There is no such guide. The fact is that many people who tend to be attracted to a career in journalism tend to lean liberal, and that many liberals tend to have an anti-gun bias.

The irony is that most media outlet owners often are not liberal at all, but are often conservatives. But they are capitalists, and the business of a newspaper or a TV network is to sell ads to remain in business.

That can be slowly fixed, but it won't happen if many gun owners believe there is some sort of conspiracy against gun owners. There isn't.
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