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Default The Real reason Valkyrie is shutdown

I just saw a post from Valkyrie Arms assuming that is the original owner Tim I have talked to some of the employees personally the story on there and what they are saying are conflicting this post they said a person that loaned Tim money finally claimed it back in the form of taking all the weapons in the store and forced the store to close for a audit due to possible missing inventory this will determine if further action is required

I emailed the store and Paul said that all SSE will be transfered wither to Metal Dog Tactical or Tracy Rifle and pistol if those 2 places can't do it a place in Fresno He also said the store should be reopening for normal operation after audit is done whichi might be early as next week

as I researched even more when Valkyrie was in Milptas it also faced the same issue so before we go pointing fingers we should be fair and hear all the facts