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About 8 months ago, I decided that I should get a pistol to protect my family in our home in case something bad were to ever occur. Living in a nicer area doesn't seem to be good enough nowadays.

So, I did research on the web and found this forum to be a good source of info. Created my account and started reading as much as I could for a few weeks. After a few weeks of reading/watching reviews of several pistols, I settled on the Ruger SR9c as it fit my needs of being fairly cheap and had a reputation of reliability and control ability.

After picking up the gun from River City Gun Exchange, I did a full breakdown of the gun to learn the insides and outs and cleaned the gun. Took it to The Gun Room that weekend to make sure I'd have no issues being able to control it and had decent accuracy. It was pretty fun, so I continued going the next couple of Saturdays when I encountered a huge boom a few stalls down where a guy was firing a shiny chromed Desert Eagle in .44 magnum. He let me hold it and I thought it was totally cool.

So, I started researching the Desert Eagle line and found out about the 50ae and was determined to get one. Took about a month and I found one for an amazingly good price. The first time I shot that gun was when my addiction was official. My collection has grown quite a bit since my first purchase back in the end of April, but the DE50 is still to this day my favorite gun I have ever fired.
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