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Default Where there's smoke there's fire....

Originally Posted by Eddy's Shooting Sports View Post
My bad. Yes, for a customer seeking to get his gun and/or money, that post is helpful.

I was looking at this from a different view, more concerned with underlying reason for the closure of VA. If it is truly internal issues, then its their own business as to why. If there is some sort of audit or regulatory issue being dealt with here then this could have ramifications for other dealers who might be dealing in SSE, rebuild kits, etc.

Just sayin'
Yes, I believe you are onto something here...

The SSE is viewed by DOJ as a total loophole to the laws regarding the handgun roster.

They don't like this at all, and we were told during our first DOJ udit that doing a lot of SSEs and mag rebuild kits or large cap mags would fly us right into the radar of the DOJ and inspectors.

I'm not agreeing with the Roster, not by any means as it is VERY detrimental to our business. Nor am I denouncing those who choose to provide SSE services to allow people to skirt the roster.

But we were warned against this by our inspector. We chalked it up to part FUD and part reality.

Our inspector offered some anecdote about some SSE dealers that were really really pushing the loophole and the DOJs patience. Out the front door SSE, in the back door remove the parts. Barrel extensions that could not be safely fired, etc. Even some reports of no attempt at making the weapon SSE, just using the exemption being used to put the weapon into somebody's hands.

He hinted that there was more than one dealer out there that was about to be shut down and it was only a matter of time before the loophole is officially closed....

All I can say is I'm not that suprised. Seems if you're going to gamble your FFL on SSE you had best make sure to do it entirely by the book.

Best of luck to the new owners, best of luck to us gun owners here in CA.