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Obama's economic reinvestment act gave away BILLIONS to the fossil fuel industry to put up these hoax windscams and solar farm scams for greenwashing purposes. They aren't green at all they destroy the public lands *OUR HUNTING LANDS*, Ocotillo got a permit to kill 5 endangered sheep, the EIR was a drive by fraud what few remaining eagles in the area will end up dead. Anyway plans like this are being made throuigh out the South West, the AZ strip is slated for a windscam, Wyo just got a few thousand turbines approved in prime antelope and deer country. No subsidies for roof top solar hmmm I wonder why? Could it be these companies names are subsidaries of Goldman Sachs, Carlyle, Halliburton? Keep in mind each is guaranteed a profit and each gets a new transmission line. Hunters need to pay attention to plans for OUR BLM lands. McCain Valley is a very big loss. So will be the AZ Strip.
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