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Originally Posted by Piper View Post
I don't know about anyone else here, but I also carry a digital recorder and a camera...

Oh and btw, since the cop has no expectation of privacy, you don't have to tell him/her that you are recording.

I cannot stress enough that having those should be as important as having gas in your tank. Your very liberty may hinge on proving your side of the story! You spend thousands on your guns. Spend a few hundred on TWO recording devises one on your person and one to leave in your vehicle if you are removed and sat in a patrol car. Hopefully one will survive to make it into court if needed and will contain your very clear statement "I don't consent to a search of myself or my car, but I will comply with all lawful orders".

If they have PC you're going to get searched any way. If they don't, you may just give yourself a get out of jail quick card with a good civil case against them too.

Calling your voice mail or home phone answering mashine with your cell phone and having it on speaker is also a good way to document the encounter.
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