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Originally Posted by GTXR390 View Post
has anyone checked their bank accounts to see if refunds have gone through? don't see no $$$ in my account yet...
No money has gone back to my acct. yet, and I only had $125.00 in the game w/VA. Purchased from another shop in SoCal and had shipped to VA for SSE.

Originally Posted by ptroxx View Post
Refunds could take up to 48hrs to actually be seen in your account..
Give it another day.. the good thing is you know someone is there doing refunds..
Funny they can take your money instantly, but take days to put it back - not just VA, but anyplace. I'm not sweating the refund. If it's not there by Monday I'll be a bit more concerned but $125.00 loss ain't gonna kill me. I'm more worried about getting my firearm. I'm sure worrying about the refund is directly proportional to how much money is at stake.