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Originally Posted by d4v0s View Post
Often times in argumentative papers, its a good idea to include alternate solutions.

What do my fellow calgunners think would actually deter crime?

My ideas
-Death penalty for crimes commited with guns (exceptions for lawful self defense) as in felony assault with a weapon, robbery, etc...

-Statewide shall-issue CCW with national reciprocity, with a 10 year prison sentence for anyone caught with a gun and no CCW. (exceptions for travel, and securing firearms misunderstandings...big difference between a gun in its case unlocked, and one on a KKK members belt or in his glove box loaded.)

-Must register your weapons if you live in high crime areas. dont like it, move out.
Murder is murder, whether committed with bare hands, a rock, a gun, a 10,000lb bomb, or the jawbone of an ***. All these stupid ‘firearms enhancements’ are just pits and snares to entrap the common man and make him fearful of exercising his rights; least some minor transgression blow up into a 10 or 20 year sentence simply because he happened to have a gun in his pocket.
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