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Originally Posted by Ron-Solo View Post
When the budget gets tight, in service training is one of the first things to get cut by the administration.
funny how that happens

Originally Posted by BillCA View Post
That's why, if you look at the Taurus' seats, they look flat compared to seats in other sedans. Generally speaking, a LEO's belt in the 3-to-9 o'clock position has all sorts of crap. Gun & baton/radio at 3 & 9 o'clock, handcuffs behind, maybe OC/Mace spray, latex glove carrier... the list goes on.
I always scope out the belt of the cops in my area. they seem like freakin batman with all the stuff they pack. I spend a bit of time in a starbucks right off the freeway in downtown sacto and Im always looking to see what they are packing. most carry a collapsible baton now but it wakes me think how in the hell the cops handled that big ole beater baton in the past.
being a cop looks tough and that isnt taking into account all the crazy people that have to be dealt with.

Originally Posted by code33 View Post
This complicates things too much. Officers will be on auto-pilot in a high stress situation and automatically use the non-alert code since it would be regularly used.
good point. code input could be a troublesome ordeal.
I fear paper cuts far more than firearms.
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