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Originally Posted by jrara View Post
Valkyrie Arms was a great shop when they were in Milpitas, they were very energetic

When I did an SSE transfer with them for my PPQ at the new location, I felt a lot of the energy was gone.

I hope this gets resolved quickly.
Originally Posted by NSR500 View Post
I liked them a lot better in Milpitas than I do at their new location.
Originally Posted by GW View Post
It is weird. I dropped in on Tuesday and there was NOTHING on the wall and a single built up AR lower in the case. Their story then was they have just been selling out of everything. If that's the case then the inventory should take about 8 minutes.
If Tim has left then that would explain a lot.
An earlier poster is right. Things were better before they left Milpitas.
I hope these issues, whatever they are get resolved happily.
Originally Posted by 408er View Post
I hope so too, or I'm sol. I know I'm not the only one on here with firearm purchases that were paid for......and been waiting to receive. Honestly, it's pretty sad to witness. When they were in Milpitas, they were an awesome shop. You could come in and speak to Tim, SJGunGuy, Gio, Javier, and some other folks whom I forget. Their staff changed a little in the short time they were there, but it was a great shop. Not to mention, one with a full inventory.
Originally Posted by patriot_man View Post
I was actually expecting the old folks from Milpitas at the new shop but man was I wrong when I dropped in.
Originally Posted by drkphibr View Post
So "VA is done and gone..." is not necessarily a bad thing.

I've heard a lot of pro (shop in Milpitas) and con (new shop in SC). I have limited experience with them over the last 18 months.

The vibe of the shop at "move week" was positive and it looked like they were going to turn into a nice shop (never stepped into the previous shop).

The vibe at SSE pickup 10 days later however was different. More of a clique, guys (based on how they were hanging out at the counter and walking back/forth behind it, seemed to be employees) "hanging out" and shooting the breeze (if I had youngsters with me, I would have left based on the language and topics discussed - not so professional IMO). No one seemed too interested in even asking "can I help you". I had to break into a "shooting the breeze" conversation to say I'm here (after standing at the counter holding paperwork for a few minutes) for a SSE pickup. I noted the idiot scratch as soon as he brought out the gun. Bit of a let down, especially for an 07 FFL. Based on my overall experience, it was a one time relationship for me.

So, from my perspective, the "new" VA (I'd bet on a name change) might be a good thing. Good to see a LGS remain in the area. Sometimes a staff/ownership change is just what's needed to make a big difference. The customer focus on the PPTs/refunds I'm reading here already indicate a significant change for the better IMO.


I agree with the Milpitas location vibe. They were busy busy, going above and beyond to help everyone like they were the only customer in the place.
And there wasn't a single night where that place was packed elbow to elbow with customers.

As soon as they moved to SC, everything took a dump; inventory, and especially customer service. The only thing that went up was their prices.

It really is sad.

Originally Posted by SJgunguy24 View Post
I have nothing to do with Valkyrie Arms since June. Sorry but I have no info. Frankly I'm surprised to see what has happened but then again I'm not. I hope everything is resolved quickly and as painlessly as possible.
June of this year? That's interesting, I stopped by there in late April/early May and the guy there said you no longer worked for them.

Originally Posted by SJgunguy24 View Post
Originally Posted by ssaction View Post
Maybe my Valkyrie lowers will be collector's items.
I have matching upper and lower. It's one of 10 that were made.
I also have a VA upper and lower for my Grendel build, I traded Felipe my black Magpul PRS for his FDE PRS.

Originally Posted by SJgunguy24 View Post
I'm glad to hear everyone is getting their money back. It sucks to see what has happened to Valkyrie, I used to proudly wear my shirts and hand out my cards to everyone.
Hasn't been like that for months for me.
I used to grab a stack of business cards every time I was in there (Milpitas), and hand them out to anyone I met that was into firearms. I stopped doing it after the move. But I did let people know they had moved. I even waited outside of Kerley's for a customer that was in there looking for a CA legal HK MP5, to tell him to go to VA.

It's been month's since I've bought anything there, mainly because they NEVER have what I was looking for in stock.

I've been spending my hard earned cash elsewhere:

Eddy's Shooting Sports
Metal Dog Tactical
Annie's Guns
Reed's Indoor Range
and BA Gun Vault... when I absolutely, positively, feel like wasting 20 minutes waiting to get out of their parking lot.

And even though they are the closest shop to my house, U.S. Firearms Company has "stuff" in there, but never what I need/looking for.

I hope everyone get's their firearm or a refund. This Paul guy seems to be shoulder deep in getting everyone taken care of, let's let him do his thing.
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