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Originally Posted by EricT View Post
look into dermistid beetle larvae. Maggots implies flay larvae, however they may be beetle larvae that specialize in breaking down tissues as well.
Correct. Dermestid beetles are frequently found around our domiciles. Whenever you see those tiny beetles with the variegated elytra (wing covers) at your window sills, you're looking at a type of dermestid beetle. The larvae are those small furry creatures you find slowly sneaking up a wall or sidling along the floor next to the cabinets in your bathroom. They look like tiny caterpillars but are in fact noxious pests. Those little holes in your wool sweaters and sport coats? Dermestid beetle larvae. The little hollowed out areas on your nice Stetson hat? You guessed it, Dermestid beetle larvae at it again. Kill them without remorse.

Try putting some No Pest Strips in the vicinity of your mount, they work pretty well. I've also found that dog flea collars will also help eliminate infestations. I wouldn't put them in my closet, but I'd have no problem placing something like that in my garage.
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