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Default San Diego Range Reviews

I called out American Shooting Center in the roll call thread since someone asked about places to shoot, and I have been asked to clarify.

Here's a link to my yelp review of the place,

Essentially, ASC is very unfriendly to beginning shooters, and, with the exception of a handful of people, has no concept of customer service. No one needs to be yelled at, no one needs to be treated with judgment or like an idiot, and if they want to enforce safety rules, they should make people take a test or instruct them. As it stands, you fill out a little piece of paper and check that you have gun experience and they send you on your way, unless you tell them (like I did) that you are new. Then they **** all over you. They don't seem to care about doing anything about it, since it's been that way for 10+ years.

The only reason I can see to go there for a meetup is the centralized location. There's also no places to sit, so if we have to wait we'll be standing around, and unless we set up something in advance (if they even do that) there's a very high likelihood we'll be line-jumped by range members, who get priority lane assignments, and our wait will be like 2 hours.

P2K is kind of a drive, but I have nothing but good things to say about them. Same with Iron Sights. (I also have Yelp reviews of them, I think). Never shot at discount gun mart.

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