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Originally Posted by DarkSoul View Post
So the final arguments IMO went very well for us. The CG attorneys seemed very well prepared, and of course were very well versed in all the relevant current and past cases, and gave very good arguments that the other side seemed to be lost trying to counter.
Good news! I'm happy to hear it.

Originally Posted by DarkSoul View Post
Speaking of the other side, 2 of the 3 attorneys seemed to be pretty decently prepared,
Sure, no one gets to that level without being fairly competent.

Originally Posted by DarkSoul View Post
but their arguments were very week (again, IMO), and it was actually hard to believe that THEY believed what they were saying,
They don't believe the legal arguments. The entire liberal approach to constitutional issues is, "you shouldn't care about the written stuff. Let me tell you about the social implications, and here's some statistics from a Marxist college professor to back that up." The legal arguments are tedious nonsense for them.

Originally Posted by DarkSoul View Post
The last attorney (from the Hawaii case) was utterly unprepared, and really had no clue what she was talking about, it was actually hard to watch.
Glad to hear that too.
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