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So the final arguments IMO went very well for us. The CG attorneys seemed very well prepared, and of course were very well versed in all the relevant current and past cases, and gave very good arguments that the other side seemed to be lost trying to counter.

Speaking of the other side, 2 of the 3 attorneys seemed to be pretty decently prepared, but their arguments were very week (again, IMO), and it was actually hard to believe that THEY believed what they were saying, I don't even think they necessarily agreed with what they were going on about, it was just their job. The last attorney (from the Hawaii case) was utterly unprepared, and really had no clue what she was talking about, it was actually hard to watch.

The lunch was great, good to meet so many of the CalGunners, and the CG legal team, great bunch of guys that obviously bust their butts for our 2a rights.
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