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Originally Posted by Wheelsofdeath View Post
i would like to get onthe waiting list. romanian kit head spaced and pinned
PM Sent

Originally Posted by GJC View Post
Wow hope everything goes well with his recovery!

Do we still need these? Needed Items:

12-TON SHOP PRESSES (Orange one from Harbor Freight) Total Needed: 3
DRILL PRESSES Total Needed: 4
30+ GAL. AIR COMPRESSORS Total Needed: 3

I have one of each I could bring
Yes please bring one of each and I have edited the list. Thank You.

Originally Posted by kcstott View Post
I'm going to have to cancel due to being sent off to Ohio on the 5th of Jan for a weeks worth of training. I just found this out today around lunch time.
I'm trying to figure out a way to get you guys the generator But I think that's not going to fly with my boss as I would be gone for a week and they not knowing you guys wouldn't like loaning our only working welder out. This sucks I wanted to build some damn guns and drink some beer.

I'll see what I can do about the generator but I would make other plans.
Bummer, but I do understand work is work. OK gentlemen you heard the man does anyone have a Generator they can bring to the Party?

Also please feel free to ask/post about bringing the needed items to make sure we dont have a back up at certain work area choke points.

Originally Posted by bplvr View Post
Sorry you are going to miss it ,YOU were a big help at the last BP.

Please post what you WERE going to bring so we can see about renting same.

We are going to pull this BP off for Kirk. It is the best thing for his rapid recovery.

-bplvr , Community Organizer

Don't forget to bring treats for "Mr. Chu" .
1 Generator and 2-3 Air Compressors and Dog Treats are priority ONE and should be easily doable we still have plenty of time before the party.

Also needed are a few more Drill Presses and 12 Ton Shop Presses.
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