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Originally Posted by SanPedroShooter View Post

Its all relative. Compare CA to AZ. The fact that Californians buy so many guns anyway shows that the spirit of innovation is not dead here afterall and even a metric ton of bull**** gun laws cant stop it.....
How does buying guns = spirit of innovation?

Gun laws can stop it (buying/owning/using guns), that is why people are buying guns, innovation has nothing to do with it. I'm one of those, I used to have a weapon and got rid of it, but two recent burglaries near by and the fear of what Obama's red(commie) state will do, plus now that Californians have zero chance against the left progressive socialist in Sacramento, a governor who lets felons out of prison, and 65 previous felonies now considered misdemeanors to reduce the cost of housing them, I had to take steps.

My fear goes so far as to consider creative ways of staying off the books, because the situation in the not to distant future can go the way of UK and Aussie land. However I have to stay legit to have a chance at getting a concealed carry permit.

Honestly very little stands between your guns and the government who claims that in the name of the people to protect them they need to confiscate all weapons. California progressive politicians take pride in leading the nation into socialism bliss, and the pretender in the white house wants to do exactly the same. In Ca with the Dems control over both the assembly & senate + a radical for governor, things will only get worse for gun owners.

The one possible saving scenario will be cuts in Police and the resulting increase in daily crime, (Oakland cuts now have 60+ burglaries or breakins a night, think Detroit). To keep the public from feeling helpless they will allow them to keep and buy more guns.

The problem is doing one thing like buying a gun doesnt equal voting for someone that is progun. Unfortunaltly, the GOP in California, and many other places, have made themselves unelectable. So while more gun purchases might equal more people at the range (and no where else because of May Issue) it wont equal more freedom.
Right, gun purchasers know the election results equal the handwriting on the wall. That voting for bigger government, more taxes (disguised as money for schools), and more liberal/leftist to run the government, means honest citizens will have to protect themselves and can not depend on the government when the SHTF.

Frankly I don't see how GOP candidates in California made themselves unelectable? You mean saying the government needs to tax less, reduce it's spending, make changes that really work, makes one unelectable? IMHO a liberal press almost uniformly endorsing the local democrats running for office, and an increasing voting age population that has been thoroughly indoctrinated by our public school system, liberal college, plus an radical progressive social media (including TV, & Movies), hell only crazies and old farts vote GOP. Joining the crazies wouldn't be fashionable or PC.
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