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Originally Posted by Lazyme View Post
I talked to my Dad today and he is bringing my Grandpa's old service revolver out. Smith & Wesson 38 special with an amazing trigger. My Grandpa used to shoot trap with it from what I've been told.

I'll prob bring a few of my revolvers out also, why not.
I'm bringing all my wheel guns.. An H&R 922 9 shot .22lr, 4" Taurus and 2" S&W .357 Magnums, 5" S&W and 8" Interarms .44 Magnums and 8 3/8" S&W .460 S&W Magnum.

Haven't decided if I'll bring any Glocks or 1911's, yet. I really need to do some .45ACP, .400 Corbon and .38 Super +P reloading for the 1911's if I do.

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