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Update of mine "mysterious marlin 795"
Ik picked up mine little beauty today.. Got an chance to see the other serial number of the other marlin 795.. These began wit 8x or 9x sequence. Both had an total of 8 numbers, mine to.

First disassemble the whole gun, not very much work if you are familiar with m16, m4, m1 garand, and some ar15's clean everything,Gun was greased or anti seisured, or just verry old oil. Could not tell what is was. It was not cosmoline Annyway carefully put some fp-10 oil in it..

So that said. Wen to the range tonight.
Had 100 schots: 2 FTE or FTL (could not see what is ecactly was) and 1 stove pipe. Total of "3 problems" Not bad for something new, it has to break in, and was all in het first 35 schots. (maybe i went an little to positive with the oil )

Strange thing, when i pushed the mag relaease the mag droped out! And when in lock after final shot, i can reloud it old fashion way! Pull te bolt backwards, and let it fly! Both "the close bolt lever" and the old fasioned way works! NICE!

During dissasembly you could defenitly tel that the gun was new. Absolute no marks!

Maybee i have an early made marlin 795. All numbers are stamped in the barrel. So its def. not an old 60 or something else..

I find it hard to beleve that the shop has one laying around. It lays dows with the rest of stock, so no or verry little chance of an "forgotten gun" here... Maybee as remarked, and "special make"for an certain distributor ? Dont now,,,

Its an nice, and very lightweight rifle, but FUN!...
Other guns I own: Mosin nagant m59 carabine (7.62x54R) , a ruger gp100 4" (357magnum) an CZ shadow sp01 (9mil)
Wil hopefully post pics tomorrow...

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