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Originally Posted by IVC View Post
You always have to do as they say, even if it appears unlawful. However, anything that was obtained or discovered through an unlawful order will not be admissible in court. Any unlawful action also opens up agency for a lawsuit.

The rule of thumb is that if an LEO has a PC/RS to do something, he will never ask for permission and just issue an order. If they have to ask, they are actively seeking for consent and you have the right not to give it. The primary way to enforce your right is only to withhold this consent or communication altogether, never not to follow direct orders.
This is WRONG on so many levels!

You do not have to do as they say! A cop can tell you to hop on one leg and sing the star spangled banner. Guess what... you do not have to do it!

When I was in the military I followed orders from officers and enlisted people above me in the rank structure. As a Citizen and a Civilian I follow the LAW. Cops don't get to make up laws. They only enforce them. I don't folow their orders.
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