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Originally Posted by shooter5 View Post
Have no interest in stirring the pot or jumping on the dog pile here.. But If they were "restructuring" or being "bought out", I would think it might be in a potential "new" stores/owners interest to handle the situation a little better.. So it sounds like that store is toast either way.

Having said that, I completely understand the anxiety of the calgunners here.. We have to deal with enough crap as it is, so Its hard to blame you for all the speculation.. I'd be pi$$ed too..

My question..
I would think the FFL would be public record.. no? Isn't there a way to verify who possesses (any) stores FFL?

Am I wrong that anyone "working" there could possess the FFL? Doesnt have to be the owner from my understanding...

CWS and RJF.. sound familiar?

I think this is the TOOL who keeps sending me "emails" about viagra, local desperate cougars and being mugged in Italy and needing me to wire him $3k..
Depending on how much of a mess things were in, it's entirely possible that the people working to get customers their guns or refunds are doing the best they can.

As far as FFL info being public, it is. However you'd need to get the FFL numbers to look them up on the ATF's website.

Of course all you'll really find is that 10-8 and valkyrie's FFLs are both still active through part of 2013.

10-8 police supply FFL# 9 - 77 - XXX - XX - XX - 02159
VA FFL# 9 - 77 - XXX - XX - XX - 02192