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I did a PPT with them a month ago, it was the smoothest PPT I've done. Though the counter guy insisted I show 3 months of residency and I insisted that I only needed 1 month, as of July 2012 (and when I did a PPT at TM a few months ago, they confirmed that I only needed 1 month, though TM took TWO HOURS to get to me and VA helped me immediately and we were done in 5 minutes).

They were selling off their police uniform items, I got some great deals on stuff like an inner/outer holster belt for like $12 (combined price!) and I bought a fleece jacket for $6!

At the time the shelves were almost bare, they SAID that they were selling off their inventory of uniforms and stuff at 80% off because they were changing the focus of the store to be more "tactical" versus "police supply (ie uniforms, belts, and other LEO/security guard equipment). Maybe it was really an inventory sell off in preperation for a shut down. Who knows!?

At the very least, they should change their voicemail and website to explain what is going on.

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