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Originally Posted by starsnuffer View Post
None of those guys have any barrel or silhouette discipline, but none is needed for the competition. Shooting =/= sniping.


The match director tells you what your position is. You dont get to choose. "use this barricade to support your rifle. 3 shots from the top level, 3 from the middle, and 3 from the bottom. You have 1 minute."

The barricade is not a window in a room... You dont have an hour to move a table in the back of the room, hang sheets, cut a loop hole, etc... and set whatever position you want...

It's more of, "here's the problem. Overcome it."

One match, they had a regular 6 ft aluminum folding ladder. "you will support your rifle *somehow* on this ladder." -you could pick any step or position, but the rifle is resting on the ladder...

The last match I went to, had 6 SWAT snipers, and 5-6 Marine Corp snipers with at least 1 if not 2 sniper school instructors. That match was won by a civilian. I believe 2nd place was a 308. (SWAT)

338 and similar is usually not allowed, because some of the courses of fire, multiple people are shooting at the same time, and end up close together. The 338/bmg will rock everyone else on the line with every shot.

They arent practical anyway for this style of competition. Try shooting a 338/bmg standing/kneeling/sitting unsupported....

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