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Originally Posted by Coyotegunner View Post
Have you already drawn a once in a lifetime tag?As someone mentioned odds are kind of like winning lotto.I see alot in the Owens Valley south of Bishop on 395.Lots of private land,but I understand the owners work with people through DFG to get access.I may be wrong about that,but if money is involved for a trespass fee.Well there you go.I hunted Calif just for deer,up until we were counting more lions on trail cameras than deer.My friends and I have gone totally out of state for big game.Try Colorado like the other fello mentioned.We do Idaho and Utah.Every couple of years,Montana.The guy I have hunted with for 29 years,puts in for several states.He has gotten moose in Idaho,nice deer in Iowa and Kansas.
Anyway,good luck on your elk hunt
I don't think you were referencing a "once in a life time CA tag", as they do not exist. I've drawn twice in CA and hope to again. I've hunted elk for about 35 years and I am not aware of any once in a life time elk tags in the US, but I could be wrong. Sheep, goats, moose, yes, lot's of states have once in a life time tags, but not elk.
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