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Originally Posted by JimWest View Post
Woodsman- How did you respond to them, if I may ask?
I was with other rigs and just wanted to get home so I said yes and had to dig it out of the bottom of my jeep behind the driver seat. My ammo box had rifle ammo in it but they never asked if I had a rifle.

Interestingly, the officer made a comment regarding my transportation of ammo and handgun. While I did have my ammo and gun in separate locked containers, the officer was adamant that it was law to have them that way and they could not be in the same container. I suggested he check the CHP website.

Frankly, the point that ticked me the most was they had me unload nearly everything from my jeep ( stuff in rear in tie downs, assorted camping boxes etc.. ) looking for fish. I said to him do you want to see my license and the response was " Only if we find some fish".
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