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I have bought many guns in the past few months, so I definitely fall into the group. However, I am not collecting, I shoot what I buy regularly. I think initially I did buy my first guy out of fear of losing my rights. I didn't like guns. I also felt during these hard times that the crime rate in our town had gotten much higher. I also decided if I bought it, I was going to shoot it and then discovered I liked shooting, taking my gun apart and cleaning and learning about my guns. I bought the AR from my son, got a shotgun for trap shooting (which I love) got a shotgun for my husband so he would go with me sometimes a handgun because I liked it and a .22 for cheap plinking.

I don't know how many people out there are like me, but I would assume a few. Never owned a gun, to discovering they liked them.

I never voted for one person who would take my gun rights away. However, I lost didn't I?

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