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Originally Posted by CDFingers View Post
I find it kind of funny that, on the one hand we're having record gun sales, while on the other hand there are people feeling all oppressed.

Can't really have it both ways. <-- Opinion worth what you paid for it.

My long response got eaten by the computer. But of course you can have it both ways.

People buy guns in record numnbers in spite of our gun laws.

Someone like you that has been buying guns here for so long, if I recall correctly, should know that better than anybody.

I wasnt remotly intersted in politics until I moved back to LA and tried to buy a rifle. That was all it took.

Its all relative. Compare CA to AZ. A distance of hundred or two miles and its night and day. The fact that Californians buy so many guns anyway shows that the spirit of innovation is not dead here afterall and even a metric ton of bull**** gun laws cant stop it.

The problem is doing one thing like buying a gun doesnt equal voting for someone that is progun. Unfortunaltly, the GOP in California, and many other places, have made themselves unelectable. So while more gun purchases might equal more people at the range (and no where else because of May Issue) it wont equal more freedom.

That is the California paradox. Perhaps we will see a rise of blue dog democrats, but I doubt it. People here seem to be content to buy their guns then vote for someone that will take them away....
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