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Originally Posted by MattyB View Post
I dont quite follow you regarding the exile bit so exuse me (maybe I'm slightly obtuse on the issue). I am a life long Californian though and had my heavy liberal leanings throughout college but figured out the error of my ways once I decided to be a small business owner.

Please expand on what you meant about that though, I think I may have either missed the sarcasm or a gem or two of insight I didn't quite grab hold of.
Ah...30 years in one state is pretty long, but it may not have caused permanent roots. California has many exclusive attributes that might be a bit hard to replace elsewhere. You may find yourself quite homesick soon. I don't know; I can't see from your side of things, but I really can't move, and if I did I think it would affect the remainder of my life a bit more dramatically than I could live with for too long. Plus, the way things are going, I think you may just find yourself in California as far as people and politics go, but not as geography and weather go. Once this beast totally infests California, it'll be spreading wings