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Originally Posted by AyatollahGondola View Post
Ha! no offense taken. But comparing running to voting is a bit of a perversion of ideals.
Sadly, my vote doesn't count anymore here. In 15 years as a legal voter, my voice has meant fuggall to the state. The only thing they want from me are my tax dollars since I'm not supporting the ones that ultimately get voted in. When I am directly funding a bureaucracy that ultimately wants my demise, well it's time to move on. I don't want to cut and run but as a 32 yr old, conservative, business owner, I don't see a viable long term business survival strategy here. We live in one of the bottom 3 worst states for just about everything other than Unattainable and Beautiful Movie Stars and The Best Weather in the Lower 48. Economic and Personal Freedom are near last and the ideals for more of those restrictions are a cancer spreading pervasively through just about every community in our area.

Theres that saying Put up or Shut Up. I've put up with enough here and I'm sick of it.

well, I think you may be giving...other states was it?...a bit more credit than they deserve for inherent conservatism too, but maybe you weren't or aren't as much a Californian as you are an American, and it won't be like living in exile for you. I don't have a clue as to what kind of business you ran, but moving mine even a few mile nearly killed it.
I run a specialist automotive repair shop (electrical repair specifically and not stereo and alarm installation). Yes I have weighed the pro's and con's of moving and the way I see it, I'm young enough and unattached enough to risk the move. My business was started by my Dad in '82 and I took over in '09 when the economy tumbled in. I saved it, sustained it and have tried to grow it but this state has roadblocked that in many ways even beyond my own industry regulations.

More or less if people are out of work or stretched thin then I am as well. Catering to more affluent clientele save us from closing our doors but even that isn't enough to thrive anymore. The money is in Texas and that is where I plan to chase it. More or less, I don't want to have to grind out an existence for the next 30+ years, I want to have the real opportunity to thrive and grow, something that may be harder there sooner or later but is near impossible for me here.

I dont quite follow you regarding the exile bit so exuse me (maybe I'm slightly obtuse on the issue). I am a life long Californian though and had my heavy liberal leanings throughout college but figured out the error of my ways once I decided to be a small business owner.

Please expand on what you meant about that though, I think I may have either missed the sarcasm or a gem or two of insight I didn't quite grab hold of.