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Some quick notes.

This is a Federal Building. Don't carry a gun inside. LEOs have their own rules - the rest of you, no guns.

They will have a check-in procedure for pocket knives. Expect to slow the line down.

The line will be long. Security at Federal Buildings is run by the US Marshall Service. They are not the TSA. They're thorough and competent. Please respect the Marshalls. Please respect the process. Though not without a sense of humor, screw with them at your peril.

You MUST have a valid State/Federal ID to enter the building.

The line will be long (yes, I know I mentioned that already). Get there in time to be seated quietly and efficiently. There is no standing in the courtroom.

There will be two overflow rooms. The Deputies will direct you if the main courtroom is full.

The Bradys will be there. So will LCAV (or whatever they've named themselves this week). I expect (demand) that our folks be respectful. They're easy to spot. They look like they just pooped a pineapple. Give them a genuine sweet smile. We're winning after all. Feel free to go up and introduce yourselves. Thank them for coming. Mention something about being present while history is being made. Offer a hug. j/k

Please please please introduce yourself to someone you've never met before (like me). I like to get to know all the people who attend these events. Introduce yourselves to Don Kilmer, Alan Gura, Alan Gottlieb, Brandon Combs and Gene Hoffman, too. See if you can get them to buy you a drink. First one who gets all 5 to buy them a drink gets a special prize out of the goody box! Just yell "BINGO" so we know it's you.

Finally, don't forget to be generous and gracious to your servers and bartenders. These folks work hard. Give them some money.

If you happen to know anyone who hasn't bought a ticket yet but still wants to come, we'll be accepting cash and credit cards at the door. Don't be afraid to invite a Brady or two.

There will also be prizes....

There is no standing in
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