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Originally Posted by MattyB View Post
I dont have to move all but ~100 miles east and I have access to any available gun right in the country. Comparing the vote-with-your-feet tactic to the settlers leaving England for America is just slightly obtuse (no offense). I can easily move and have more rights without changing my citizenship and that is just what I plan to do.
Ha! no offense taken. But comparing running to voting is a bit of a perversion of ideals.

The weather in Sacramento isn't good enough to keep me here like it could in SoCal and nothing else other than a loyal customer base is keeping me so why not move? This state is eroding at an exponential rate and I note that there is a even a large contingent of CalGunners that have politics beyond guns that literally make me unsettled in their inherent liberalism. I can't stay where liberal politics and ideals are the norm and where even friends may only be them on certain subjects.

So sorry, I;m jumping ship and getting the hell out of well.. Hell.
well, I think you may be giving...other states was it?...a bit more credit than they deserve for inherent conservatism too, but maybe you weren't or aren't as much a Californian as you are an American, and it won't be like living in exile for you. I don't have a clue as to what kind of business you ran, but moving mine even a few mile nearly killed it.