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I emailed Paul yesterday with my cell # in the email. He promptly called me back and was very polite & professional. I told him I ordered a pistol 4mo ago and paid in full. He said Valkyrie had my order marked as "balance due". Nice move by Valkyrie, take people's money, not record any income, tell them to wait months on hard to get guns that they never ordered! Ponzi scheme at it's finest!

Nevertheless, I brought in a credit card statement proving I paid in full and Paul immediately refunded my money. Two other guys in front of me in the completely empty store while I waited my turn. This was about 5pm tonight. I was in there about 30min and the phone did not stop ringing.

Paul has his work cut out for him but I can vouch for the fact he is trying very hard to make things right for people who have money or guns tied up. I'm not sure who is footing the bill for this, but someone is trying hard to make things right.

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