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Originally Posted by RMP91 View Post
Aren't a few Democrats leaving the Legislature in April? Their supermajority might not last long...
That's long enough..

Originally Posted by AyatollahGondola
Too many people wanting rights, are going somewhere else to have them. That may have worked in 1600's, but the planet is awash in people now, and there's not many new worlds out there.
Im planning to move my business to San Antonio next year after my building lease is over. Our family business was started 30 years ago here and it is sadly time to go where I am wanted. It goes well beyond gun rights but it's one of the reasons for exiting this (literally) god-forsaken state.

I dont have to move all but ~100 miles east and I have access to any available gun right in the country. Comparing the vote-with-your-feet tactic to the settlers leaving England for America is just slightly obtuse (no offense). I can easily move and have more rights without changing my citizenship and that is just what I plan to do.

The weather in Sacramento isn't good enough to keep me here like it could in SoCal and nothing else other than a loyal customer base is keeping me so why not move? This state is eroding at an exponential rate and I note that there is a even a large contingent of CalGunners that have politics beyond guns that literally make me unsettled in their inherent liberalism. I can't stay where liberal politics and ideals are the norm and where even friends may only be them on certain subjects.

So sorry, I;m jumping ship and getting the hell out of well.. Hell.

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