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Originally Posted by Gio View Post
I spoke to a now ex-employee today and he said that last Monday all the employees simply left, he did not mention if it was voluntary or if they were asked to leave. It sounds like they are re-structuring the business and doing all that they can to make things right. Hope things work out for everyone that is involved, I would like to say that being civil with the auditor will be better than trying to rip him a new one.
I agree, the auditor Paul seems like a good guy and is trying to make things right.

I was there tonight and was refunded for my DROS and SSE fees. He's handing off a 1911 I had shipped to them, over to Metal Dog Tactical this week. I then have to do the DROS again w/Metal Dog Tactical and they are going to do the SSE. My DROS was already submitted so first Paul has to figure out how to 'undo' that bit.

I'm happy to be making progress in the right direction but bummed I have to redo the wait for DROS again.

For those of you still in limbo, hang in there. Paul will get to you, poor guy got dumped a big 'ol mess to clean up but he's working through it.

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