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I have some more information, but not much.

I went over to Valkyrie this afternoon and, after a short wait, I was admitted into the locked store. There was only one employee there, however he identified himself as the auditor and said he had only been working there for a week.

He said the store is going through a "business restructuring" and that he is there to "take inventory", and "verify records". He would not go into detail on exactly what is happening, but it very much appears to me that the business as we know it is no longer around and he is doing clean up.

I am guessing based on how he said things that either he does not know what is going to happen with the store, or it has not yet been decided.

The auditor is a bit overwhelmed with everything that is going on. Apparently there are many guns that need to be picked up, shipped out, or otherwise dealt with. There were 4 different people with guns being picked up or dealt with while I was there. I was only there for 30 minutes. It appears that he is spending his time going through the actions of running a store for now and is getting very little auditing done.

Also, since he is the only one working, and Valkyrie normally has one employee assigned just to email and phone, the phone is basically abandoned. Many of the voicemails being left on the answering machine were not very polite, and I would guess many of the emails are not polite either. My suggestion is if you have money in the game then get yourself to their store. Dealing over the phone at this point seems to be to be a bad idea.

When it was my turn, he quickly refunded my money for the deposit I had left back to my credit card and I was on my way.

It seems that the auditor is doing his best with the situation he is in.

Whomever is in charge of the store is not around.

I do wonder what will happen to the employees of the store, since none of them seem to be around either.
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