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The correct answer is you gotta have both. And an SVT-40. And a few cool Mosins.

And everything but the SVT in a laminated stock. Why didn't the stupid commies make laminated SVT stocks after WW2 like they did Mosin and SKS stocks?

I like M38 carbines better than M44's, but the SKS and M43 (which was later adopted as the M44) were developed side by side at Tula in May 1943, and a lot of the features from the various 7 or 8 M43 designs and prototypes that didn't make it on the M44 were used on the SKS. So besides my laminated stock M38, I do also have a laminated stock M44 in it's correct original early stock.

Why did the Soviets never think to shorten the SKS to AK length and put a detachable mag on it?

I would love, love, love to have a paratrooper length Soviet SKS that takes AK mags and is in a laminated stock. That would be almost as good hot, nasty, no holds barred, wild-eyed sex with Elizabeth Banks. (yes, I know she is an Obama loving lefty Marx-licker, but tell me you wouldn't do her!)

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