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Originally Posted by AyatollahGondola View Post
I'm surprised, but not shocked that the state legislature has been in session for two days, proposed a plethora of bills in both houses, but not one gun related yet. Turns out that changing the state constitution is more pressing...who would have guessed....than addressing all the crime caused by reckless possession of firearms by citizens.
But don't even breath a tiny sigh of relief. these miscreants want to call a constitutional convention, and in the meantime, are proposing many changes to the state constitution piecemeal. By hook, or by crook, (The latter is most prevalent in politics), they plan to make it very easy to levy and pass taxes, and very hard to get a ballot measure in circulation..excepting their ballot measures of course. There's also a bill to allow internet voting, and the acceptance of ballots after the polls close.
A constitutional convention is the scary one for me. Many of these people in the state house now are fresh faces to state politics, and that leaves them incredibly vulnerable to a handfull of experienced and manipulative old timers.

Don't mind telling you though. What I've seen so far is plenty scary. There already willing to test their supermajority powers by re-introducing a bill that the governor already vetoed only a few months ago, to see if they have tho power to override him this time. Two days out the gate and let's see who's boss.
The only reason our guns haven't come up is because they are like kids with a new car. They're out speeding through the capitol like 17 year olds with a new license and rental car. I gaurantee you it will be speeding through your neighborhood soon
I'll either be out of this state or I'll have military or LEO exempt status in the next two years or so, not to cut and run or anything... Can't take this crap anymore, we have almost no chance of fighting back at this point...
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