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Originally Posted by Same View Post
Thanks... i just got back from Valkerie Arms. This time.. I saw Paul there through the window helping someone else. I knocked on the window and he let me in. He said he was there earlier in the day (when I dropped by earlier), but he was in the back doing inventory. so you really need to knock... even if you don't see him there.

He was professional. really takes care of you. They're sending out all the SSEs. so you might have to drive out to Tracy / Fresno to get them done if you require it. (depends if shop is equipped to do your gun)

I didn't want to risk it... i just got my refund and I'll try to get it again later. Either through another shop... or whenever Valkerie re-opens. Or... just find a used gun.
I was there tonight as well around 7. Got my full refund. So sad to see the walls bare.

They also had a system wipe in May sometime, all my customer information was wiped out, possibly why they never placed my order.