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Originally Posted by TacticalPlinker View Post
Does anyone know where I can buy 10" x 12" armor "plates" (non-ballistic) for the purpose of training and to serve as a substitute when actual plates are not needed (storage/range) but you don't want your plate carrier to be "floppy" or "bunch up"?

I found these at Tactical Assault Gear...

I'm looking for something exactly like those, but without the weight and without the cost!

You can always make your own plates by cutting out layers of cardboard and using polyester resin to make a replica of your real plates. You could even manipulate the overall weight and dimensions to be the same. I would recommend inlaying "Training" into the resin so people won't think they are real. I have not done this myself. Only issue I can see is how well the cardboard would soak up the resin. May take a couple times to get it right.
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