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Originally Posted by scobun View Post
Please Mr. Brilliant, tell me where I went wrong in comparing two rifles that played major roles in ALL of the wars fought by communists.

I compare the two because they served the same purpose. If I'm arming an army of peasants, I'd prefer the simplicity of logistics associated with ammo on stripper clips rather than magazines. The only advantages I can see in the AK are 30 round mags (which some of us Californians have from way back when) and cheap production. Everything else seems to go to the SKS, and the 30 round mags are a beeyotch out of the prone position.

Panties in a bunch little lady? I simply asked why you compared the 2. Some consider the SKS and Garand comparible. Im sorry I asked a question Mr. Cool guy. I thought you were looking for correspondense now I know to only listen to you and not ever question you lol. This is the part where you imply how tuff you are in real life, I will exit now, something tells me you have a vast skill and knowledge of typing kung fu.
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