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Originally Posted by Striker View Post
Yeah, it looks like fun and I don't think anyone is disputing the fact they can shoot; but, that doesn't make them snipers. Competition shooting and tactical shooting aren't the same thing. The purpose is different, so gear choices are also different. Since this is a gear based thread, that's really the main point. But much like 3 gun competitors or pistol shooting competitors, just because one can shoot doesn't make them a Tier 1 Operator. Doesn't mean they can't shoot, because they can; but they're still very different things.
And you maybe right, but the original post on Snipers Hide doesn't refer to them as snipers, just the OP who reposted. My other comments are directed those those nitpicking equipment or stating that the equipment is the reason why the shooters are better.
Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
We do not have an assault weapons ban. We have a ban on some semiautomatic rifles.

It is not a CCW permit. It is a carry license.

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