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Originally Posted by Iggy View Post
Yes these are competitors, and yes they are sponsored, but keep in mind that they are without a doubt professionals. The reason they use 6mm is because of the advantages that those cartridges offer. It's not that they can't shoot a 308 with skill, but if two guys have the same skill level the 6mm will out perform the 308. They are competitors so they look for every available competitive advantage.

Most of these guys could out shoot most of us with factory rifles and "low" end scopes.

Also, these types of competitions are not easy. It's not bench shooting. They aren't sitting there with gizmos and iPhones taking their time to make perfect shots. They have to understand the limits of their equipment, and more importantly themselves, under unknown distances, obstacles and time constraints. Discounting the shooter is the same as saying an F1 driver is good because of the car they drive.
Yeah, it looks like fun and I don't think anyone is disputing the fact they can shoot; but, that doesn't make them snipers. Competition shooting and tactical shooting aren't the same thing. The purpose is different, so gear choices are also different. Since this is a gear based thread, that's really the main point. But much like 3 gun competitors or pistol shooting competitors, just because one can shoot doesn't make them a Tier 1 Operator. Doesn't mean they can't shoot, because they can; but they're still very different things.
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