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I only bought new brass for my first batches, so that I could learn a little more. Now I realize that 9mm brass is re-useable until it is damaged- which is not often, so you can use them a lot. Don't bother buying new brass like I did. You WILL need to buy a tumbler to clean your brass, but when cleaned it will be easy to see that almost all of them are in great shape, and you only rarely find a bad one, and they will be easy to spot. However, also check the info around the primer. I OFTEN find the following which, obviously, you can't load, but they look very close to the 9mm Luger, so be sure you discard these (or, give them to someone who wants them):

9x18 This is a Makarov cartridge and shorter than the Luger 9x19
.380 Close, but no cigar
.40 This is obvious, but when you're picking the up quickly on the range, the .40 looks similar, so I always get some of these mixed in.
Can't read or understand what it says- don't use it.

You want all of yours to say "Lugar" or "9x19" Most say the former, or both, but a few say only the latter. I don't use anything else.

Hope this helps.
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