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Finally got the call from Paul. I had a 1911 Gov. Series 70 shipped to them for the SSE, did the DROS on 11/21 for pickup on 12/1. They can't finish any SSE at this point- I requested they transfer to Metal Dog Tactical

In my case because the DROS was sent to DOJ (or whoever), Paul has to first cancel it w/DOJ before the DROS can restart at Metal Dog Tactical. He has to figure out how to do that, so it's kind of an unknown on how long it will take at this point. He said he is personally delivering firearms to Metal Dog Tactical by weeks end for customers that have requested going that route, so some of you may be able to restart the DROS this week, unless yours has been sent to DOJ. Looking like it may be a few weeks before this headache sorts itself out for me and at least 3 trips to the South Bay...

For those of you still waiting to get a call, I emailed late 12/3 to the address on their site, to the on 12/4 @ 13:00 and 12/5 @ 10:30. He's working through the list, but I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't worried for a bit.

Best of luck

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