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My one concern with the current state of things is its essentially two guys currently doing all the litigation. Donald Kilmer and Alan Gura. The victories have been easy cases like the various resident alien case or criminal defense attorney's pulling off small miracles when the issue was forced on them such as in Yanna and to a lessor degree Weaver. The one thing that, in the long run, the NRA guys in California are doing better is they are part of big firms so their younger guys are getting groomed to take over. Its not like Second Amendment litigation going to be decided in 20 years. Gitlow incorporated freedom of speech in 1914 and the body of law is still being built on. While I am sure their is something being done it does not appear like a new generation is being groomed. Levy and Clark Nelly were the motivating forces behind Heller but went back to other worthy pursuits. It seems like SAF should reach out to Nelly's Institute for Justice or follow their model in order to groom a new generation. Either that or figure out some accord with the NRA where the NRA still gets credit but SAF works independently. I may be speaking from ignorance as I only recently began learning about the politics involved here. If there is a preexisting plan please do correct me.

edit as to Mr. Halbrook. I don't know about his abilities as a lawyer but I do know that I drafted all of the history in Baker and his material was very helpful. Regardless of how he is in other fields he is a fine historian.

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